Open Primaries for New York


<UPDATE> We are hosting an event on April 14th at NOON at NYC City Hall to protest NY's Closed Primary. Please join us ->

An Open Letter to Senator Charles Schumer

Open the 2016 Presidential Primaries


Dear Senator Schumer,

We, the undersigned call on you to demand that the New York State Democratic Party open its 2016 Presidential Primaries to the over 2.9 million independent voters in our state.

Thank you for writing “End Partisan Primaries, Save America last July in The New York Times.  You are right, closed party primaries do “poison the health” of our democracy, and we need to move to Top Two Open Primaries all across the country.  

 In your editorial, you call for the formation of a national movement to bring this reform to all the states in the country.  There is one, led by forces such as,, Open Primaries, the NYC Independence Party and many others across the country. 

As you wrote in your editorial, “Primary election rules are not immutably ingrained in our politics.”  In 2015, the Democratic and Republican parties will decide how to conduct their 2016 Presidential Primaries.  Sen. Schumer, we ask you to call on the New York State Democratic Party to open its Presidential Primaries to independent voters.  

This is something you can do that would help advance the national movement for primary reform.



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